This is a new electronic assessment platform for comprehensive management of urological training designed to enhance the maintenance of trainees’ progress and development.


The number of Urological trainees’ in Malaysia is expected to increase rapidly with the introduction of parallel pathway to become a Urologist in Malaysia. Keeping track of all the assessment, logs and portfolio may become cumbersome with lots of papers involved.


The Malaysia Board of Urology (MBU) has invested in this new portal at urocademy.my to do away with all the paper documents and marking sheets for good. Through this portal all workplace assessments, log books and trainee evaluation can be performed electronically and even via a mobile application. A summative report on the assessments and log book consolidation can be generated electronically during the board assessment.


It is the endeavour of MUA and MBU to move towards a paperless assessment system and hence the development of the first innovative e-assessment portal. Regular updates of the system will ensure the long term sustainability of this project.


Website: urocademy.my