About Malaysia Urological Foundation

MUF was set up in the 1990s to champion various activities in Urology like creating awareness on urological diseases, continuous education for our trainees and producing quality research through special interests groups. These objectives will be made feasible with donations and through fund raising events.


MUF’s role mainly is as follows:


1. Research

a. Support research conducted by our members via the individual research consortiums for each subspecialty in Urology. We will encourage application for funds for research activities by our members especially our trainees to ensure excellent output.

b. Apply for various grants to support this research activities.

c. Collaborative research through multi-centered research work.


2. Education

a. Support activities in creating awareness among public and patients.

b. Help fund trainees in pursuing their fellowships and attendance at various forums to present their achievement in research etc.

c. Train healthcare providers at secondary level to handle urological problems- “Empowering the GPs”.


3. Patient

a. Aid To aid patients in need. Urologists who feel that they have patients who will benefit from newer or expensive treatment modalities can avail this fund.

b. MUF works closely with the Bluecap Movement in disbursing the funds allocated for this purpose.


4. Fund raising

a. We depend solely on donations. Our activities cannot be successful if we don’t have a continuous mechanism to generate funds.

b. We hope to get donations continuously from individuals, Pharma companies, Corporate bodies etc.