The 111th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Urological Association

Date: April 25 (Thursday) to 27 (Saturday), 2024
Venue: Pacifico Yokohama, Japan

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We are delighted to declare the convening of the 111th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Urological Association (JUA), which is scheduled to take place at Pacifico Yokohama, Japan, from April 25 (Thursday) to 27 (Saturday), 2024.

I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude to our esteemed members for conferring us with this prestigious opportunity. During my candidacy for the General Assembly in August 2018, I asserted that the year 2024 would witness a remarkable paradigm shift, marked by a Technological Singularity. The ongoing implementation of ChatGPT and other Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, that are presently underway in the society, are anticipated to revolutionize the prevailing norms and even bring about changes in the immediate future. The medical community, especially the field of urology, which has always been an early adopter of novel technologies, is now poised to transcend another technological threshold. Additionally, I am optimistic that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) will gain widespread acceptance across the globe, leading to a world without borders. Although it is deeply regrettable that this is currently not the case in certain parts of the world, interactive technology is likely to facilitate more cross-border interactions in the future.

The theme for JUA2024 is “Beyond the Boundary…” and it covers the following topics: Technical Limitations, Rural and Urban divide, DEI, Nation, Medical Field, and Medical professionals & Patients and their families. I envision that our members will be at the forefront of crossing medical boundaries, as envisioned above.

Lastly, for the April JUA2024 meeting, we plan to provide educational lectures and various contents via the web, whilst also ensuring that the three days in Yokohama are filled with meaningful experiences for all, primarily on-site, and we cordially invite not only JUA members and guests from all over the world to attend.

Yoshihiko TOMITA MD
Director, Niigata University Hospital Chair, Department of Urology Executive, Niigata University

For more information, please visit https://site.convention.co.jp/jua2024/en/


Wed - Sat, 24 - 27 Apr 2024


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